Average Payment Plan Recalculations

The City of Winfield would like to announce that the budget billing amounts will be adjusted in April for those customers enrolled in Average Payment Plans.

Thank you for participating in the Average Payment Program with the City of Winfield.

Each year budget billing amounts are re-calculated for the following 12-month period. The new budget amount will be reflected on the billing statement that you receive in April, and will be processed through ACH on your billing due date.

Just a reminder, the amount calculated is only an ESTIMATE based on your past year’s usage history calculated by current rate schedules. Credit balances or debit balances remaining on your bill prior to budget calculations will be rolled into your new budget amount.

Anyone can opt-out of the average payment plan at any time, but keep in mind the debit balances, as well as credit balances, will roll over to the following bill.

If you have any questions regarding your new budget amount, please call Customer Service at 620.221.5500.

Once again, thank for your participation in the program.