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The Stormwater Utility, established in 1995, is responsible for the operation, construction, maintenance, and repair of the stormwater drainage system. The system provides for adequate collection, conveyance, detention, treatment, and release of storm water, which reduces the potential hazards to property and life resulting from stormwater runoff.

A five-year capital plan outlines needed improvements to new or existing facilities. An operating budget is developed annually. Utility projects are funded with fees collected from residential and commercial customers of the city.

Winfield participates in the
 Kansas Stormwater ConsortiumThese cities have joined together to ensure that we are doing our best to protect our communities from pollutants entering our storm water drainage systems. By changing some of our personal habits, we can help maintain the quality of life in our watershed and lessen impacts downstream. Using the appropriate resources to dispose of unwanted materials and products properly, are but one of the ways we can make a difference together.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Fillable Form  *This SWPPP Form is required for all contractors to complete and submit to the City Engineers Office for reivew and approval, prior to digging or building. Forms may also be e-mailed to

2010 Storm Water Regulation Ordinance
2010 Best Management Practices
Raking Leaves Brochure
Open Drainage Channels Brochure

For additional information on the Stormwater Utility please call (620)221-5500 or email:
 Customer Service.

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