Access Advisory Board

Mission Statement
  • Assist individuals with disabilities integrate into all aspects of community life through accessible programs and services.
  • Advise the City of Winfield ADA Coordinator
  • Assist in resolution of any access issues concerning City facilities and programs regarding persons with disabilities
  • Develop recommendations on the future role of the access of persons with disabilities to programs in the City and help determine immediate access priorities
  • Advise other public or private entities on access issues where it appears the AAB can make a positive contribution to resolve such problems
  • Advise the City on any other matter concerning persons with disabilities as the AAB deems appropriate
  • Hold such public hearings as it deems necessary
Access Advisory Board Members 
  • Linda Chase
  • Jamie Chism
  • Ray Clayton
  • Eryn Ebach Freund
  • Layne Kenzy
  • Gary Mangus
  • Matthew McCauley
  • Cheryl Underwood
  • Clyde Vasey
  • James Watson

ADA Coordinator: 620.221.5525.