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Access Advisory Board

Mission Statement

Assist individuals with disabilities integrate into all aspects of community life through accessible programs and services.


  • Advise the City of Winfield ADA Coordinator
  • Assist in resolution of any access issues concerning City facilities and programs regarding persons with disabilities
  • Develop recommendations on the future role of the access of persons with disabilities to programs in the City and help determine immediate access priorities
  • Advise other public or private entities on access issues where it appears the AAB can make a positive contribution to resolve such problems
  • Advise the City on any other matter concerning persons with disabilities as the AAB deems appropriate
  • Hold such public hearings as it deems necessary

Access Advisory Board Members 

 Clyde Vasey  Linda Misasi  Ray Clayton
 Vacant   Linda Chase  Cheryl Underwood
 Lara McGrew  Layne Kenzy  James Watson

ADA Coordinator: 620.221.5525.