Legal Services

The Legal Department is dedicated to providing outstanding and ethical legal services on behalf of the City of Winfield. The Legal Department includes the City Attorney's Office and the Municipal Court.

City Attorney's Office

The City Attorney’s Office provides legal advice to the City Commission, City boards, and City Administration. As general counsel, the City Attorney’s Office drafts and reviews ordinances, contracts, legal opinions, and other documents. The Office assists City officials with the development of projects, policies and programs, and represents the City in litigation.

Municipal Court

The Municipal Court has jurisdiction of certain offenses committed within the city limits of Winfield, including traffic infractions; misdemeanor traffic and criminal offenses, including DUI; parking violations; and all violations of City ordinances related to zoning, building codes, and more.  Municipal Court Judge Thomas Herlocker presides over the courtroom.

For additional information on the Winfield Legal Services Division please feel free to contact us using the Staff Directory.