City Releases New Tool to Track Lake Water Level

The City of Winfield is pleased to provide citizens with a new way to track the water level at the Winfield City Lake. That tool can be found by clicking here.

The water level is tracked as "below full pool." Data is typically added weekly, but may be added more often. With the extended drought conditions in Cowley County and Upper Timber Creek Watershed Area, the Winfield City Lake is at its lowest level since 1992. 

Keep in mind, there is still a significant supply of water for the city residents/businesses.  Below is a lake level history.

Lake Level History

June 2023          57.5 inches low

April 2013           59.5 inches low

Oct 2011             69.5 inches low

Mar 1992            82.5 inches low

Nov 1991             81.4 inches low

Feb 1982              103 inches low

Oct 1981               109 inches low

Dec 1980            63.5 inches low

The City of Winfield addresses its short-term water shortage problems through a series of stages based on conditions of supply and demand with accompanying triggers, goals and actions.  Each stage is more stringent in water use than the previous stage since water supply conditions are more deteriorated.  The City Manager is authorized by ordinance to implement the appropriate conservation measures.