Vacation Check Request

Vacation Check Request

This form should be used by Winfield residents requesting Winfield Police Department to provide the service of visually checking your residence while you are out of town. Vacation checks are offered as a courtesy. Because Police activity levels vary greatly this service is provided as time and personnel are available and does not create a special duty upon WPD. It is understood there is no guarantee that this service will be provided on a daily basis. If you concur with these terms, complete the following form and click "SUBMIT". By doing so it will be forwarded to the Winfield Police Department. If for some reason you return early or need the directed patrol removed please contact Police Department, 620-221-5556.

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Hold Harmless:

Winfield Police Department, as per your request, will periodically check your location listed above. By clicking the "SUMBIT" button it is understood and agreed that neither the Winfield Police Department or City of Winfield assumes any liability with the Vacation Check Program.