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Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

Building or remodeling might pay you back!

The City of Winfield offers a tax rebate plan to property owners within designated areas of the community.  The 2021-2023 Neighborhood Revitalization Plan encourages new construction, rehabilitation, alteration or additions to residential, commercial or industrial buildings. The BrochureApplication and Designated NRP Area Map are available online or at City Hall through the Public Improvements Department and must be submitted within 60 days of receipt of a Building Permit.  There is a one-time application fee of $50.00 which must accompany the application when it is submitted.

Eligible property owners can receive a rebate of property taxes which would otherwise be paid on the actual value added to a building due to a qualified improvement. The improvements must be a minimum investment of $5,000, as determined by the Building Permit value.  The rebate only applies to the additional taxes resulting from the increase in appraised value of the building due to the improvement.  Appraised values are established by the Cowley County Appraiser's Office. The taxes relating to the appraised value on the building prior to the improvement will continue to be payable.

Program Period

Eligible properties must have Building Permits issued on or after January 1, 2021 and be located within the described Neighborhood Revitalization Areas.   This Neighborhood Revitalization Program shall expire on December 31, 2023.  The program will be reviewed annually on or before August 15, at which time the City Commission will consider modifications and extensions.

Rebate Period/Amount

 Residential Rehabilitation and Alterations  5 years/100%
 New Construction Single-Family Residential (first $150,000 Appraised Building Value)  5 years/50%
 New Construction Multi- Family Residential (2 or more dwelling units)  7 years/90%
 Commercial and Industrial Rehabilitation and Alteration   7 years/75%
 New Construction Commercial or Industrial  7 years/75%
 Properties in National, Kansas or Local Historical Register   10 years/100%

5% of the tax increment rebate of improvements to be retained by Cowley County to offset expenses and handling costs of the Neighborhood Revitalization Program.  Those properties listed on State or Federal Historical Registries will not pay the 5% County handling costs.

Exceptions for eligibility include but not be limited to :

  •  Repairs or maintenance items will not generally increase the appraised value
  •  Surface parking lots except as an accessory to a contiguous improvement
  •  Railroads and utilities
  •  Landscaping, sprinkler systems, fences, hot tubs, swimming pools, gazebos, storage sheds, detached garages and workshops
  •  Conversion of single family to multi-family housing units
  •  Manufactured or Mobile homes, unless classified  as a “Residential Design Manufactured Home”
  •  Any property which has or will receive IRB financing and/or other tax abatement benefits

The improvements must conform to the City of Winfield's land use and zoning ordinances and comply with other applicable codes, rules, and regulations.

For more information, please call (620) 221-5600