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Home Businesses

About Home Businesses

A home occupation may be established provided that the business conducted does not change the residential character of the dwelling.  With the exception of certain service businesses, only members of the immediate family residing on the premises shall conduct the home occupation.

A home occupation located in an accessory structure will occupy no more than 900 square feet of the gross floor area of the accessory structure. All equipment or material used in connection with the home occupation shall be stored in the dwelling or permitted accessory structure or screened area of the rear yard.

Machinery and equipment shall not be used in the home occupation which interferes with radio or television reception, or which creates excessive noise, vibration, reception, or which creates excessive noise, vibration, smoke, dust, odor, heat, glare, or electrical interference.

There shall be no advertising on the exterior of the dwelling or accessory structure other than one (1) non-illuminated sign not more than three (3) square feet in area fixed flat to a wall or the dwelling or accessory structure.

No home business permit is required in the City of Winfield.

Examples of allowed occupations are:

  • Engineer, architect, doctor, dentist, lawyer, insurance agent or real estate agent
  • Dressmakers, seamstresses or tailors
  • Teaching of music, dancing or tutoring
  • Beauty and barber services having not more than one operator
  • Photography and artists’ studios
  • Home crafts
  • The retail sale of products normally sold along with the service provided by a permitted home occupation
  • Multi-level marketing and home party product sales, such as Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, etc
  • Day-care in accordance with the regulations of the State of Kansas

Examples of prohibited Home Occupations are:

  • Automobile and vehicular repair.
  • Small engine repair.
  • Retail, wholesale or exchange of goods not produced or normally provided with a service of a permitted home occupation.
  • Equipment rental business.
  • Eating or drinking establishments, including establishments known as “Bed and Breakfast Inns” and tourist homes.
  • Mortuaries and embalming establishments.
  • Private clubs, including fraternity and sorority houses.
  • Stables and kennels.

Contact the Community Development Department, 620-221-5520,, with any questions or concerns.