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Tree Trimming
Providing Safety & Service
Right Tree Right Place
We all value the trees that beautify our community.  Winfield Electric Department helps ensure public safety and reliable service for our residents by trimming trees on a regular basis.  Many trees are located too close to power lines and grow into the above-ground wires, which can lead to power outages.  Service interruptions caused by trees are more than an inconvenience; they can endanger life through the failure of life support systems, fire alarms, and traffic signals. 
As part of its tree trimming program, Winfield Electric Department contracts professional line clearance services to prune all parts of the trees and other vegetation within a minimum of at least 10 feet of energized electric lines. By utilizing the proper tree trimming techniques, trees that normally would interfere with overhead electric lines can be trained to grow away from the danger zone.  These directional pruning methods decrease the need for multiple return visits for tree trimming. 

For additional information on the tree trimming program call 620-221-5600 or email: 
Customer Service .