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City Clerk's Office

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1. How do I request public information?
2. How may I speak with the Mayor or Commissioners?
3. Who is my City Commissioner?
4. When does the City Commission meet?
5. How do I address the City Commission at a regular meeting?
6. How do I get copies of the City Commission Agenda?

Customer Service/Utility Billing

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1. Where do I contact Customer Sevice/Utility Billing.
2. What are the hours of operation?
3. What utility service does the City of Winfield provide?
4. How do I establish utility services?
5. How can I pay my utility bill?

Emergency Management

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1. Does the City of Winfield have public severe weather shelters?
2. Does the City of Winfield operate a tornado siren system?
3. What should I do to prepare for emergencies?

Garage Sales

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1. Do I need to have a permit to have a garage/yard sale?
2. How much does a garage/yard sale permit cost?
3. Can I put up a sign to advertise my garage/yard sale?
4. How often can I have a garage/yard sale?
5. How soon do garage/yard sale items need to be removed?

Parking Enforcement

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1. What are the fines for violating the parking ordinance?
2. Where do I go to pay a parking ticket?
3. The 3-hour free parking seems confusing, how does it work?
4. I work downtown, can I purchase a permit to park close to work?


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1. Who can recycle?
2. What is single-stream recycling?
3. So.. I don't have to sort?
4. Is there anything special I need to do?
5. When will my recyclables be picked up?
6. How will they know the difference betweent trash and recyclables?
7. How much more will it cost me to participate in single-stream recycling?
8. If I do not receive Winfield trash/recycling service or forget to put out my recyclables can I take them to the Recycle Center?